The first motion tests of the mech

Measuring four meters, the humanoid walking robot has just passed its first movement tests. It is the work of a company called Korea Future Technology, which intends to bring an idea straight from science-fiction movies to reality.

The first mech developed by a South Korean company is called METHOD-1 and was created with the help of Vitaly Bulgarov, whoóry previously worked in the film industry and coóhe created the A remake of the 2014 film Robocop a whichóry shared the news on Facebook. Bulgarov has also worked in the gaming industry and wspóHe created such titles as World of Warcraft or Diablo III.

METHOD-1 weighs 1.5 tons. His weight makes the earth shake with his every step. From a particularółóIn the construction of the structure, it is only known that the legs of the robot are made of trawlóof carbon kernel. The entire machine is controlled by a pilot, whoóThe cabin is located on top of the robot. The mech mimics movements performed by an operator, which is indeed reminiscent of scenes from the movie Avatar.

It is not clear for what purposeómech has been created. The project itself is quite ambitious in terms of engineering solutions. It also required considerable outlaysóin financial. Unfortunately Bulgarov did not reveal anything more. Potential applications can be found in deep sea exploration or space exploration. Such a moss could be helpful in construction work associated with demolitionóby. The robot would also find employment in rescue operations.

In films and science fiction literature, with whichóThe mech, which is the source of the idea, is almost always a combat unit. If it is to be used as a combat agent, it is only as a scarecrow, because its mobility is at a low level, which eliminates it from the battlefield. Perhaps it was created out of sheer love of engineering , though that's hard to believe. It could also be a marketing product or one of the elementsóin viral marketing, after all its creator is strongly associated with the film industry.