The first measurement of the antimatter spectrum has been carried out

The first observation of the spectrum lines of the antihydrogen atom showed that the result did not show róThe first measurement of the antimatter spectrum has been carried outóIn comparison with the spectral line of the hydrogen atom. The experiment confirms the assumptions of the Standard Model, whichóThe study describes basic interactions: electromagnetic interaction, weak interaction and strong interaction. Does not describe gravity. This is the theory of elementary particles, whichóre are the building blocks of all matter. The Standard Model predicts equal spectroscopic properties of hydrogen and antihydrogen.

– The primary goal of antimatter research is to verify that matter and antimatter are subject to the same laws of physics – explained Jeffrey Hangst, a spokesman for the ALPHA Laboratory.

Experts at CERN used a so-called "magnetic trap" to carry out the experiment. Antiproton slowing downów. Thanks to it, scientists are able to create atoms of antihydrogen and catch them in the so-called. Magnetic traps. This procedure makes it easier to conduct research on antihydrogen atoms.

Scientists' findingsóin CERN have been published in a prestigious journal „Nature”.