NASA's awkward problem. Agency asks for help and sets prize

A visit to the toilet in space is no simple matter. It's cramped, there is no gravity and you don't know what to do with the waste. NASA, to solve the problem, announced a contest in which you can win 30 thousand. dollars. All we have to do is develop an efficient system to manage the waste.

Currently on the International Space Station (ISS), NASA uses toilet facilities thatóre sucking up fecal matter and któwhich are then disposed of or recycled. NASA's problem, however, is the emergency situation when some sort of failure occurs.

Since the 1980s., or since the end of the Apollo program, astronauts have been no further than the ISS. But there are definitely more ambitious sub-prints on the horizonóThat, even to Mars. What happens in the event of a malfunction?óra will force the astronautów to remain in their suits for several days?

Next-generation spacesuits are designed to provide clean water, air, and ingredientóin a mineral astronaut for six days or 144 hours. However, it is not clear what to do with urine, feces or menstrual blood. The need for an efficient system thatóry wayób safe for humans would manage waste.

Currently, the plan provides for… adult diapers. It is not a very sophisticated solution, and after six days new life can be born in such a diaper, but NASA has no idea how to make it better. That's why the agency zwróhas asked the international community for help in developing a new method of waste management.

Above all, the new solution must leave astronauts' hands free. The suit must also be sealed to protect the space podrólinkóin the próNEWS. None of the astronautsów does not have access directly to its own body. It can't even scratch its nose. Therefore, the waste management system must be designed for a pressurized survival suit environment. And most importantly, it needs to be safe

There are three prizes of 30 thousand dollars eachóin each for the top three projectów. You can read more about the terms of participation on the HeroX contest platform.