Russia will build an early warning system against threats from space

Roskosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences will create a system whose task will be to track the trajectories of objects threatening the Earth. Both institutions are serious about the subject and plan to implement an effective system in two years.

The Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) and the Russian Academy of Sciences join forces in a jointól Joint project to create an effective system of early warning against asteroids and róA kind of cosmic debris thatóorbiting the Earth.

„Roskosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences will create an effective system for tracking asteroids and space junk. A very productive dialogue with colleagues continues. In supportóIn cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences, we will regulate organizational and technical issues” – we can read on Roskosmos' website.

In turn, the director of the Russian Academy of Sciences – Boris Shustov confirmed the delivery of the finished system within twoóch years. He added that improved ways to track asteroids and space junk are being tested.

– Space debris is a serious problem. They are far more dangerous than asteroids because they make everyday life in space difficult – Shustov said.

Russia for this purpose wants to rebuild the Irkutsk Observatory and the telescope located there to a class similar to the telescopeóin the Pan-STARRS network – four telescopesólocated in Hawaii, whichóre constantly observing a selected section of the sky in search of objects threatening the Earthów. Once the Russians have achieved their goal, they will seek full membership in the International Asteroid Warning Network.