Success of Polish scientists with a departmental slip-up in the background

Polish researchers won 27 medals at the Invention Fair in Brussels, including 24 gold ones and three silver ones. The success, however, could have been greater if the Ministry of Science and Higher Education had not refused financial assistance to the remaining inventors wishing to take part in Brussels Innova 2016.

Polish scientists have achieved considerable success at invention fairsóThe map is created by a hexagonal shape. Out of the 50 presented innovative solutions, as many as 27 gained recognition in the eyes of the commission. In addition, 12 of the honored papers received special awardsóThe competition was a success," said Pituraóre emphasizes their significant usefulness and has a good chance for financial success.

Fromód awarded projectóThe device is a part of fluorescent markers, które sign of cancerous changes in the lungs of a sick person. They make it possible to precisely determine the location of cancerous lesions. Marek Godlewski of the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is behind this invention.

Recognition was also given to the design of a mask to facilitate the treatment of snoring. This invention, in turn, determines the permeability of dróg breathers. It allows for a separate examination of the nose, mouth or the entire oral cavity. Andrzej Kukwa, the head of the Laryngology Clinic in Olsztyn, is responsible for this project.

Another innovative solution honored with the Gold Medal is a novel method of securing paperóin value and documentóin using the laser. By just using a laser, you can put additional information on a protected document. The new method was developed by Iwona KamiƄska of the Polish Guild ofórni Paperóin Value.

The success of Polakóat the Brussels Innova 2016 International Invention Fair móThe impact of the asteroid could have been greater if the Ministry of Science and Higher Education had not refused toóIt is then that the effect of the so-called "financial assistance to inventors" takes place. About 200 thousand zlotys were missing for another 60 presentations. As the powód the ministry stated, in an e-mail correspondence with RMF FM, that "In the opinion of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, although these events promote Polish inventiveness, it is difficult to point to their exceptionally innovative character". More than 300 inventors took part in the fairóin more than a dozen countriesów.