The tail of a feathered dinosaur embedded in amber

The researchers came across the find not during excavations, but at an amber marketów. The specimen was excavated in Burma. He spotted it amongód hundreds of amberóat a fair in Myitkyina – Kachin state capital, Lida Xing, whoóand has come to realize its value.

The precious specimen shows a sunken tail of a theropod (coelurosaur), whichóry lived for about 99 million yearsóyears ago. Researchers had previously found single pióthat have been around since the dinosaur eraóbut this is the first such find with a fully feathered dinosaur tail.


So móhow a juvenile coelurosaur would look like

– A preserved tail of a juvenile with eight vertebrae can be seen in amber. You can also see perfectly preserved feathersóra. The vertebrae are not fused, as in the case of coelurosaursóThe diversity of life on Earth is enormousóand that's why we're confident in the specimen. It must have belonged to a dinosaur – said Ryan McKellar of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Researchers believe that the valuable specimen will help fill gaps in knowledge about reptile pióand on the lives of their owners. The discovery was reported in the journal "Current Biology".