A wolf stole the foresters' camera in Drawa Forest

A few days ago, under the cover of night, two wolves in Drawa National Park went hunting. However, their prey was not the animal, but a camera installed there by park employees.

The wolves probably zwróThey paid attention to the equipment, when it was activated by a motion sensor. Photo-traps work to be invisible, but for the skilled ear of an animal the quiet humming was enough to locate the device.

One of the wolvesów took a hidden camera in his teeth and moved ahead recording himself, his companion and everything around. Thanks to a video recorded by a wolf, we can see the wilderness from the perspective of these animals.

Ministry of Environment data móIt is known that in 2013 there were 1122 wolves living in Poland. The population of this animal is constantly growing. The data shows that 15 years ago Poland was inhabited by about half of today's population.

”In the age of modern technology, the use of róDifferent methods of collecting information about nature. One of these methods is setting up photopoules in the field. This method is harmless to the animals observed and does not cause them to be overfished or stressed” – employees of Drawa National Park wrote in the description of the film.