Climate change has affected the reindeer population

During the British Ecological Society conference, a report was presented thatóhe study shows that global warming threatens reindeer more than expected. The report is the result of 16 years of observing the reindeer populationóin the Arctic Circle island of Svalbard.

The study, by researchers at the James Hutton Institute in Scotland, shows that the body weight of the average reindeer fell by 12 percent between 1994 and 2010. An individual born in 1994 weighed 55 kgóin, but the one whoóry were born in 2010 at just 48 kilogramsów.

Researchers blame this on climate change, whichóThe syndrome can be felt more on Svalbard Island. The temperature has risen by 1.5 degrees there. Celsius. Krótis summer is warmer than in previous years and the reindeer have plenty of food. However, winters are more severe. On top of that, it appeared at the turn of the pór year rain, któThe report shows that reindeer are freezing and blocking their access to food.

Pregnant females are most affected, whichóreindeer often lose their fecundity in winter due to lack of foodód or give birth to malnourished calves. FromóThe mortality rate in young people is high, and those whoóThe survivors are significantly thinner than their older herd mates.