Here’s Mimas – "Death Star" in Saturn’s orbit

Mimas was discovered in 1789 and is siódm moon of Saturn in terms of size. The name was taken from one of the giantsóin Greek mythology, but today it would certainly be called something else. This is due to the fact that it is extremely similar to a combat space station capable of destroying entire planets, whichóThe aurochs are the most striking feature of theód heroóin the popular film seriesów „Star Wars”. This is of course „Death Star”.

To be clear, „Death Star” did not take its appearance from Mimas. It’s pure coincidence. The first images of Mimas reached Earth three years after the film’s release and were taken by the Voyager 1 probe.

The most characteristic feature, whichóhe crater on the moon is what makes it similar to the doomsday space station. The entire surface of Mimas is riddled with craters from meteorite impactsóin, but the largest one called Herschel is as large as 130 kilometersóin diameter.