Cassini's final mission

Cassini was launched from Earth in 1997. It took seven years to reach Saturn pólater. Since then, the probe has been studying this most iconic planet of the Solar System and its moons. Thanks to her work we gained a lot of interesting information. We found out about an ocean of liquid water under the icy surface of Enceladus, one of the moonsóin Saturn, we obtained evidence for the presence of carbon monoxide on another moon of that planet – Titan – móWe also heard about methane rains falling there.

The probe was headed near Titan in late November to use its gravity to head toward the outer edges of Saturn's rings. For the first time in history they will be examined. The maneuver is dangerous, because the probe will fly very close to the rings.

At this stage, Cassini will provide very valuable data on Saturn's rings. The probe will examine particles and gases in the outer parts of the rings. Photographs from these fascinating regions will be sent back to Earthóin the solar system.

On April 22 next year, the final stage of the Cassini spacecraft, dubbed the Grand Finale. The probe will dive into the clouds of Saturn, making a series of measurementsóand send photographs and data back to Earth. On September 15, 2017, Cassini will terminate swój life by crashing into the planet's surface.