These glasses will make a cyclist feel like a fighter pilot

The Everysight Raptor is unlike anything else on the market. Their technology displays a range of useful information to the cyclist as they ride, while maintaining the entire field of view. Just like the pilot's helmetsóin the fighterów.

The glasses display ródifferent data. The cyclist's eyes can see: speed, distance traveled, time spent on the bike, degree of slope while riding with górki, altitude, completion percentage, or cyclist's heart rate. You can also display maps, take photos or record videos. And then, of course, there's the community function, whichóra allows you to share data with friends.

The glasses are currently in the test phaseów. Avid cyclists testing equipment and sharing feedback with manufacturer to further improve product. The company has launched a program in whichóThe researchers do not rule out the possibility that anyone who lives in the United States can become a tester of this device.

No word yet on when the glasses will be launched. Also unknown is the price of the product.