New Galileo satellite navigation system

Construction of the system cost nearly 10 billionóin the euro. The new system will allow to become independent from the American GPS navigation and from the Russian GLONASS system. In addition, the Galileo satellite navigation system is expected to be more accurate than these instruments. The error radius is expected to be less than 1 metre. Currently, GPS and GLONASS are wrong by a few or several metersów.

Galileo will eventually consist of 30 satellitesów. However, only 18 of them are currently in orbit, the rest are expected to join the others by 2020. The satellites are orbiting in three orbits at an altitude of 23 kilometersów. Although the system is not complete, it has been decided to put it into operation. According to the operatorów, the current number of orbitersóin enough to provide customers with some of the services.

In the future, the system will provide a very high level of localization services. From 2018, all cars sold on the market will be equipped with a Galileo module, whichóThe Galileo satellite navigation system will have a radius of error of less than 1 metreóIn the case of the eCall emergency system, the. After receiving the S signal.O.S. The system will locate the beacon within 10 minutes.

The European Commission is already counting the money thatóre will earn thanks to Galileo. According to estimatesóIn 20 years of operation, the system will generate 90 billion euro in profits for the European economyóin profits.