New method will revolutionize dentistry?

Experts at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (TUSDM) have developed a new dental treatment method that offers hope for keeping teeth in good condition. And that's because of stem cells.

A visit to the dentist is not a pleasant experience. Many are downright panicky about visiting the dentist. The condition gets even worse when we hear about root canal treatment. But this treatment option virtually kills the tooth if it is still alive, often resulting in its removal. Researchers at TUSDM, however, propose a completely new approach.

– Our results show considerable potential for a new approach to root canal therapy. Our goal is to regenerate a damaged tooth to keep it alive and functioning like any other healthy tooth – said Professor Pamela Yelick, whoóand has been involved in research.

The new method, whichómóYelick is based on the use of GelMA hydrogel – tested, safe, inexpensive gel, whichóry contains naturally occurring collagen as a scaffold for regenerating pulp. The gel was mixed with comówith stem cells taken from teethóand from comóThe system is not completeóThis accelerated the whole operation. In this wayób prepared tooth was implemented in a mouse.

The results showed that in the empty dental canals of rodents after twoóweeks, pulp-like tissue appeared. After four weeks, blood vessels were forming, and after eight weeks, the pulp had already filled the entire tooth and was well connected to the dentin – Bone tissue, from whichóthat is built into the core of a tooth.

Experts conducting the experiment did not observe any conditionóin inflammation during the whole process. The new method still needs lengthy research, but it shows the possibilities of using comóparent records. Could become a primary method used in dental offices in the future.