Polish students are building the Hyperloop. Second stage of SpaceX competition

Hyperloop Pod Competition II is exclusively for studentsów. This is the second part of the competition organized by Elon Musk's company regarding próthruster. In June 2015, SpeceX announced a design competitionóin connection with the Hyperloop transport means. This included developing concepts for the mode of transportation itself, as well as the infrastructure associated with it. In September 2016, SpaceX announced the second part of the competition, but only for studentów. Teams compete solely in building a capsule for the railroad próstudents.

Two Polish teams from the Technical University of Lodz got to the second stage of the university competitionóThe HyperLodz Team and theóThe team is made up of studentóThe project is based on the use of magnetic levitation technology. TeamóŁ from Łódź also took part in the first part of the competitionóand reached the final of the second stage.

The concept of high-speed trains speeding through a long tunnel has been known for at least a few decades, but it owes its renewed fame to Elon Musk, whoóry in 2012 presented its vision of this means of transport.

The project assumes the use of magnetic levitation technology, which means that the train will not move on rails, but on magnetic cushions produced by powerful electromagnets mounted on the undersides of wagonsów. Such solutions are already used in the world. Thanks to this application the problem of friction is eliminated and the railroad will be able to reach higher speeds.

Today, the fastest speeds are achieved by such trains. The record was set 10 years ago by Japanese constructors whoóThey accelerated the SCmaglev train to 581.8 km/h. However, this does not satisfy Musk, whoówho wants to double the speed achieved by the Japaneseów. And this is thanks to the use of pr tunneló. The concept of moving through a tunnel, with któThe new train, which has almost all its air pumped out, will eliminate the problem of air resistance, which will add tens or maybe hundreds more to the speedometer.

The railroad, as designed by Musk, is to be cheap, fast and ecological. It is to be powered by solar energy. The head of SpaceX has set up Hyperloop Transportation Technologies for this purpose – the company whichówhich is to realize the project. The first rail próThe light rail will run from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This approximately 500-kilometer stretch is covered by a passenger in about 30 minutes. Rail is expected to develop speeds of up to 1,200 kilometersów per hour.

The route is to be built on high poles, thanks to which it will be possible to achieve the highest possibleóThe fastest route. The long tunnel will be flown by capsules thatówhich are to accommodate from 6 to 28 peopleób. The tunnel will not be completely próThe whole thing is going to be powered by large electromagnets, which will create large clusters of junk, some air will be in it. So that the capsules don't act like a piston, a system was used to suck air through each carriageóThe project will be carried out by the HyperLodz TeamóThe HyperLodz Team and the team that will manage them under theód by creating an additional airbag.

The whole thing is to be powered by large electromagnets, whichóThe tunnel will be powered by solar energyóevenly. There will be more in the acceleration and braking areas, and they will be placed sporadically along the route, solely to maintain speed.

When will the first Hyperloop be built?? Unknown. In September 2013, Musk móThe project's director said that the first such railroad could be built in 7-10 years, but whether this will happen, it remains to be seen.

But not only Musk's empire is working on high-speed rail with the use of pr tunnelóFEMALE. Chinese scientists have great achievements in this field. The Chinese Academy of Sciences and Southwest Jiaotong University presented a concept for building a pr railroadóof speed on the speedometer, whichówhich are expected to reach speeds of 1,000km/h. The Chinese have already started construction.