Peculiar case of Pakistani brothers

Information has come from Pakistan about the unusual case of two boys who are no different from their peers during the day, but as soon as the sun goes down, they fall into a vegetative state, unable to move or speak. Doctors do not know what ails them.

This mysterious case of a strange medical condition has been sweeping the media around the world. 9-year-old Abdul Rasheed and his older brother 13-year-old Shoaib Ahmed have even earned a nickname – The Sunshine Boys. The doctors are spreading their arms because it is the first time they have heard of such an ailment.

Professor Javed Akram of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences agreed spróto cure the Sunny boysów, but as he pointed out, he sees their case as a challenge.

– Our doctors are making a breakóThe boys were given medical tests to determine why they remain active during the day but are unable to open their eyes, talk or eat after dark – Akram said.

The brothers have been under constant observation in a hospital in Islamabad since the beginning of the year. Family does not cover the costóin treatment. So far, both boys have undergone more than 300 testów.

Doctors first considered the thesis that the strange ailment is closely related to sunlight, inspired by the father of children whoóry móThe State Fire Brigade reminds us that it is very easy for the boys to get their energy from the Sun. But it's more about the time of day than the sun's rays, because the boys without any obstructionsód move around in enclosed spaces tightly shielded from the sun's rays.

Doctors have also ruled out temporary paralysis caused by nerve damageóand sleep paralysis. Scientists believe that a strange ailment of boycóis in some wayób linked to genetics. Researchers have beenóThey've been noticing that the boy's parentsów are closely related to each other – have the supportóof the grandparentsów. In Pakistan, such relationships are quite common.

However, scientists don't know whoóre genes could be responsible for this behavior of the boysów. Dwóch of their older brothers have died, but they also have a sister whoóHowever, he does not suffer from a strange affliction of brothers.