The ruins of an ancient city in Greece have been found

The discovery was made about 300 kilometersóin the póNorth of Athens. The remains of a city quite largeóin found on the wzgóthrow and wokó³ him. Most of the ruins are covered by soil, which is why no one has noticed them before. Researchers stumbled upon the remains of the wallóin the city, towers and gates of the ancient city.

– We found a town square and a grid of streets thatóindicate that we're dealing with a fairly large city. The area inside the wallóin urban areas has more than 40 hectaresów – said international excavation manager Robin Rönnlund from Goteborg University.
Bird's eye view of the remains of the city, Photo: University of Gothenburg/SIA/EFAK/YPPOA

The remains of the city from the bird's eye view, Fot. University of Gothenburg/SIA/EFAK/YPPOA

Researchers stumbled upon the ruins last year by accident while working on a completely different project. They were surprised by the fact that no one had studied the pattern beforeórza, któThe wall, as it turned out, holds many secretsów. Wróhave been to the site this year and have conducted preliminary studies. Swedish archaeologists in the coóWorking with Greek colleagues, they intend to use GPR in the future to investigate the remains of the city.