Thousands of dead fish on Cornish beaches

One of the most beautiful beaches on the Cornish coast near the town of Morazion was literally covered in dead fish. The same incident occurred for the second time this month. Earlier dead fish were found near the town of Pantewan.

– The first thing on whichóI came across a decomposing dolphin. As I approached the shoreline, I was amazed. As if the waves were made up of thousands of shimmering fish. After a while I realized that the beach was simply covered with dead fish. They were getting more and more with every hit of the tide. It was horrible – said in an interview with „The Guardian” Katrina Slack, amateur photographer, która went out in the morning to take pictures.

Scientists spread their arms helplessly because they have no idea what could have caused such a fish fever. Preliminary hypotheses móties about the discarding of fish by trawlers, whichóre exceeded the allowed amount of fish caught.

The weather can also be a factor. James Wright, an expert at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, points this out. He believes the fish that washed ashore were still alive. Until, of course, flocks of seagulls took care of them. In an interview with the BBC, he said this kind of thing happens, but in the summer, when the fish are running away from larger predators.

– It is possible that schools of fish, being in the shallows, were caught by unusually bad weather and were thrown ashore by overpowering waves – Wright explained one possible cause.