Chimpanzees recognize each other by their buttocks as well as humans by their faces

Researchers at Leiden University have shown that in móof a chimpanzeeóThe same process occurs in the recognition of another person as in humans. While humans have no problem recognizing everyday things, whoóre presented to góChimpanzees are able to recognize the shape of their buttocks as well as their legs, but when it comes to their faces there are problems. Then there is the effect of the so-called. inversion. The same goes for chimpanzeesóonly that in their case it also applies to the buttocksów.

Chimpanzees can almost flawlessly match a photograph of a rump to its owner. They proved it during the study. They have been taught to use a joystick and touch screen to an elementary degree. The monkeys were shown a photo of their hindquarters and several other photos of the faces of their pack mates and, with the help of computer skills, the chimpanzees unerringly matched the buttocks to their owner.

The results of the experiment were too precise to móto talk about the case. It also eliminates the element, który would indicate some unknown physical code that facilitates the fit of the afterglowóto faces, as primates have only shown their recognition skills with familiar individualsów.

Experience clearly shows that chimpanzees, when hanging out with other chimpanzees, remember the shape of their buttocks in addition to their facesóin the companions.

The same is true for the man. Specific areas in the mózgu. A healthy person has no problem recognizing the face of a person they know. The stairs only begin when the image is reversedócony, i.e. to góry legs.

In chimpanzeesóand this effect can also be seen in chimpanzees. When they were shown the reverseócone photographs of the buttocksóin individualsów of their herd had trouble matching them with their owner.