Work on human organ printing begins

Imagine printed organs with comópatient record, whichówhich the body does not reject after transplantation. In this wayóWe want to pave the way for 3D printers to enter operating theaters. 3D printer organs are undoubtedly the future of medicine.

3D printing technology may radically change the face of transplantology. The first step in this direction was made by researchers from Australia, whoóThey make a squareóa facility where they intend to create organs from a 3D printer. Doctors and scientists from Queensland University of Technology will join forces in the emerging institute. Australian authorities are also involved in this matter.

– Scientists, researchers, nurses and doctors will work together for the good of the patient to achieve the best possible results. In our vision of modern healthcare, we want to pave the way for 3D printers straight to the operating rooms. We want 3D printers to produce tissues needed on the ground – said Cameron Dick, Australia's health minister.

Current knowledge does not allow for printing full-fledged tissues. We're getting better at printing bone and cartilage tissue. However, with the coóIn collaboration with scientists from Wake Forest University, Harvard University, Queensland University of Technology and with the participation of doctors, it seems that the development of technology is only a matter of time.