Cancer weak spot discovered. Researchers have halted the development of a disease

Experts at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute have shown that by blocking a discovered protein, the importance of opóto stop the metastasis process. Metastasis is the appearance of wtórnych tumoróin cancerous tumors that arise from cellsóof a primary tumor – or metastasis. This key protein in cancer development was named CD36.

During the experiment, the scientists managed to slow down the developmentój disease in ratsów. Scientists hope that the pathwaysóThis will also inhibit the spread of cancer in humans. The researchers noted a link between a diet rich in fat and a rapid metastasis process. CD36 protein helps in fat transportóin the cellóof the body, which in turn helps in the development of cancer. It was previously thought that in the development of cancerous cellsóre most conducive to sugars.

Spanish experts introduced into the patient's body, but without metastasisów – CD36. After the protein was added, the metastases appeared. It was observed that a very large role in the development of cancerów has palmitic acid. This compound is commonly found in processed foods. It comes with a lot of fatóin plants, such as palm oil.

– The discovery of the CD36 protein opens the way to new, effective therapies based on blocking the cells responsible for the spread of the diseaseórek. This is an important and exciting step. When we were able to identify the comóof the cells responsible for metastasis, we can study their behavior in more detailósugars. We can improve the diagnosis of diseasesóCancer patients, develop better diets for patientsóin and revolutionize the treatment itself – said Salvador Aznar Benitah, co-author of the studyóthe research.