In December, good conditions for observations of the International Space Station

The ISS passes over Poland from time to time. When exactly will it be visible from the place whereóThe location we're in can be found on many websites, such as Heavens Above. Over the next few weeks, the station will be perfectly visible from Poland due to favorable conditionsów.

To see the ISS in the night sky, apart from the right time, the right angle of reflection of the sun's rays from the structure is necessary. It must also be dark to see a fairly fast-moving spot, brighter than others. It also needs to be cloudless.

You can count on favorable conditions for most of December, but the brightest flybys will be seen between Dec. 7 and 16. On December 9, the visibility of the station from Poland should be the best.

ISS orbits wokóThe Earth is at an altitude of 400 kilometersów. It takes her about 1.5 hours to complete one lap. It currently consists of 15 modulesóand there can be six wasps on it at any one timeób. The first modules on the orbit were connected together in 1998, and the first astronauts lived on it in 2000.